Orion Group Kicks off their Attempt to Boost Power in Bangladesh 

In an attempt to help remedy the electricity crisis in the nation, the recent investments of Orion Group have excessively focus on Energy and Power Generation industries. Enabled by the machineries and equipment from Wartsila OY, Finland, the project intends to add more than 100MW to the Bangladesh’s national grid.

Steady Lift Tasked with Transportation and Installation

The transportation of the Wartsila engines began with offloading them to the barges from the cargo ships. The barges were brought ashore to the jetty where a gantry system was already erected to lift and place the engines on to the modular trailers to be driven away to the project site. Each engine weighed 300 tons with a volume of 386.65 CBM. The dimensions of each engine were 1425CM*430CM*631CM.


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