Steady Lift Boiler Module Installation Helps Light up Sirajganj
Construction of the Sirajganj Dual Fuel Combined Cycle Power Plant is a part of a major plan to supply reliable power to the localities in Bangladesh. The power plants were expected to play a prominent role in the socio-economic development in the nation while meeting the demand for electricity presented in the localities. The Sirajganj Dual Fuel Combined Cycle Power Plant that commenced its operations at a capacity of 150MW was later upgraded to 225MW under the authority of Bangladesh Power Development Board.

Load-In and Transportation of a 146-ton Boiler Module
Steady Lift received the Boiler Module ( 2,553 CM x 430 CM x 347 CM) at the jetty of the Chittagong Port weighing 380 CBM.
Steady Lift first received and handled the items at the Chittagong port. The Gas Turbine was first loaded on to a barge and transported ashore. The Gas turbine was then transported to the project site in Sirajganj on 18-axle lines.
By remaining flexible in the approach, using local expertise, ensuring effective communication with Steady Lift’s Far East branch and by mobilising an experienced transport crew, Steady Lift was successfully handle the project.

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