A project to boost power in Bangladesh

The construction of Sirajganj Dual Fuel Combined Power Plant in Sirajganj district of Bangladesh will primarily remedy the chronic deficiency in electricity in the nation. With a capacity of 400MW, the $103 million project is the second largest independent power plant in Bangladesh. The power plant represents the largest Foreign Direct Investment in the power generation industry in the recent past.

The Sirajganj Dual Fuel Combined Power Plant intends to assuage the shortages of electricity and minimize the cost of electricity.  This sustainable power generation project is supposed to transform millions in Bangladesh with an influx of direct and indirect employment opportunities.

Steady Lift contributes to lighting up Bangladesh

Steady Lift was contracted with offloading, transporting and installing a Boiler Module of 145 ton (2,553CM*430CM*347CM) 380.93 CBM. The Boiler Module was offloaded from the cargo ship onto a barge. Once ashore, the boiler module was transported to the project site in Sirajganj and installed.


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