Delivering Dhaka to Tomorrow

An attempt by B-R Powergen Ltd. to boost the electric capacity within the limits of Dhaka, Mirsarai 150MW Dual Fuel Power Plant was supposed to feature a unit of 150MW coal-fired power plant.

Steady Lift contracted to transport and install a 315-ton engine

Steady Lift was tasked with offloading, transporting and installing a 315 ton, 360 CBM engine (1,270CM*480CM*590CM) for Mirsarai 150MW Dual Fuel Power Plant. Following offloading of the engine to barges, the engine was brought ashore. A gantry system with strand jacks was set up at the jetty to lift the engine up and place the engine on to the modular trailers.

The modular trailers then transported the engine to the Steady Lift yard at the project site in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Steady Lift’s decade long experience in installations help the Steady Lift customize the method of installation in order to maximize the power plant’s efficiency.






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